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In aquatic ecosystems, the oligochaetes are often a major component of the community. Their relevance in sediment quality assessment is largely related to their.
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Hydrobiologia , , 33— In : Kawanabe, H. Springer, Berlin, pp. Ohtaka , A. Limnology , 7, — Japanese Journal of Limnology, 49, — Poddubnaya, T.

The Pollution Biology of Aquatic Oligochaetes

R eynoldson, T. H ydrobiologia , , — Roff, J. Canadian Journal of Zoology , 55, — Rodriguez, P. Springer, Dordrecht, pp. Hydrobiologia, , — Stephenson, J. Aquatic Oligochaeta from Japan and China. In oligotrophic situations, present at 48 stations in 6 basins, was the dominant T. It is a freshwater form widely together with S. Timm distributed throughout the Holarctic region, and also found this species in a small oligotrophic lake it is common particularly in northern cool-water in Estonia with Spirosperma ferox.

Our findings are bodies Timm and Veldhuijzen van Zanten, This species is an indicator of oligotrophy Milbrink, Lumbriculidae is a thermophobe family of the , most commonly associated with very fine northern temperate zone Timm, It was sandy to silty substrates with a high organic matter represented by 3 species in this study Lumbriculus content Verdonschot, Dumnicka and variegatus, Stylodrilus parvus, and S.

Galas found this species to be dominant parvus, the third most dominant species in this study in the small high-mountain ponds in the Tatra present at 21 stations in 6 basins , is a Palearctic Mountains of Poland. These authors defined S. It lives in various types of water bodies, as an opportunistic species.

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This species was also including lake bottoms, and is also common in frequently found in small, shallow lakes and in the mountain streams Lencioni et al. Among Rila Mountains Uzunov and Varadinova, The same authors stenothermic species in the Tatra Mountains. This species community a new species for Turkey in one of the most recent is particularly common in waters at high elevations.

It is Tubifex tubifex present at 33 stations in 6 basins a clean-water Probst, ; Timm et al. It is negatively correlated with water depth and dissolved also an oligosaprobic species Timm et al. Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri and Ophidonais L. They are of oligochaete species Nijboer et al. Many found from the polar regions to the tropics, from researchers showed relationships between the the bottom of lakes and rivers to the bottoms of the oligochaete community and water depth Collado oceans, in permanent ice glaciers or snow, and in and Schmelz, ; Nijboer et al.

In our permafrost soils. They also exist in abundance in study, multivariate analysis CCA showed that sewage trickle filter beds and pristine marine sands, the distribution patterns of oligochaete species and they occur in large numbers in water-logged assemblages are significantly correlated with depth. Enchytraeidae noticed that while L. Similarly, this family was most common in other In the UPGMA diagram Figure 3 , the percentage studies connected to high-mountain lakes Manca of habitat similarity in environmental data from each et al. According to Dumnicka and Galas , 22 and Stations 58 and 16 were also found to be members of this family were considered semiaquatic similar to each other.

Wathne et al. Our findings correspond very well glacial lakes of Turkey. Further research is needed, to this pattern. In addition to the effect of elevation, in Turkey and in other glacial regions, to address the other environmental parameters influenced the lack of information on the taxonomy and ecology of distribution of littoral macroinvertebrates in these this group of animals.

Similar to previous studies, our study found that elevation is the most important factor influencing the distribution of oligochaete species in the Eastern Acknowledgements Black Sea Range Figure 2. We are deeply temperature. The distribution of Spirosperma ferox grateful for their support. Topkara, and Mesut Tubifex tubifex and Lumbriculus variegatus are Kaptan for their invaluable support and help with negatively correlated with temperature and positively technical issues. We also thank Dr Mark J. Wetzel correlated with water depth Figure 2. Aulodrilus University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, pluriseta is positively correlated with temperature and USA for the linguistic revision of the manuscript.

Standard Methods for Klemm, D. Kovach, W. MultiVariate Statistical Package. Kovach Arslan, N. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 15 4 : Kownacki, A. Boggero, A. Benthic communities in relation to environmental G. Studies on small mountain lakes in the Val Grande factors in small high mountain ponds threatened by air National Park Central Alps, Italy. Studi Trent. Boreal Environment Research Krno, I. Brinkhurst, R. On the role of tubificid oligochaetes in Ecological study of a high-mountain stream ecosystem relation to fish disease with special reference to the Myxozoa.

Hincov potok, High Tatra Mountains, Slovakia. Acta Soc.

The Pollution Biology of Aquatic Oligochaetes | Pilar Rodriguez | Springer

Annual Review of Fish Diseases 6: Aquatic Oligochaeta of Lang, C. Structure of tubificid and the World. Aquatic Oligochaeta of the based upon these communities, as descriptors of eutrophication World: Supplement. In: Proceedings of the Descriptions and Revisions.

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    Oligochaetes and water pollution in two deep Rieradevall, M. Norwegian lakes. Distribution of benthic invertebrates in relation to Milbrink, G. Indicative profundal environmental factors. A study of European remote alpine lake oligochaete assemblages in selected small Swedish lakes.

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